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GC on Demand

GC on Demand is a service that provides pre-recorded videos of various genetic counseling scenarios, allowing clinics to access genetic counseling expertise without the need to employ a GC in-house or refer patients out. With GC on Demand, clinics can offer patients genetic counseling for a wide range of conditions and situations, including carrier screening, preconception counseling, cancer risk assessment, and more. The service is designed to be flexible and affordable, with options to purchase individual videos or bundles of videos tailored to specific clinical needs. By utilizing GC on Demand, clinics can improve patient outcomes, increase efficiency, and expand their range of services. The service is provided by trained and certified genetic counselors, ensuring that clinics receive high-quality and up-to-date information. Whether a clinic needs to fill gaps in their genetic counseling services, supplement their existing program, or offer genetic counseling for the first time, GC on Demand provides a practical and cost-effective solution.


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