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Genetic counseling is a type of healthcare that assists people and families in understanding their risk of inherited medical disorders or birth defects. It include reviewing family medical history with a qualified genetic counselor, assessing the possibility of genetic diseases, and discussing testing options, treatment options, and other resources.

Anyone who is concerned about their risk of an inherited medical condition or birth defect, whether they have a personal or family history of these conditions or not, can benefit from genetic counseling. Planning a pregnancy, experiencing infertility or recurrent pregnancy loss, being diagnosed with a genetic illness or cancer, or having a family member with a genetic issue are all common reasons for seeking genetic counseling.

Understanding your risk of inherited medical conditions, making informed decisions about testing and treatment options, connecting with other resources such as support groups or advocacy organizations, and receiving emotional support and guidance throughout the process are all advantages of genetic counseling.

Genetic counseling and genetic testing are two distinct services, yet they frequently coexist. Individuals and families who receive genetic counseling can better understand their risk of genetic diseases and make more educated decisions regarding testing, treatment, and other services. hereditary testing entails examining DNA for alterations or mutations that may suggest a hereditary problem.

A genetic counselor will analyze your family medical history, assess your risk for genetic diseases, and discuss testing choices and other resources with you during a genetic counseling session. They may also offer emotional support and assist you in making informed healthcare decisions. Genetic counseling sessions are usually private and nonjudgmental.

No, genetic counseling at BeeWell does not require insurance. Genetic counseling may be covered by insurance at some healthcare facilities, however, coverage varies based on your specific plan and the purpose for the consultation. To ensure that everyone has access to genetic counseling services, we provide self-pay options at a reduced cost. We think that healthcare should be affordable and transparent, with no unexpected bills or fees.


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